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3 Month Fall Into Fitness Online Program

3 Month Fall Into Fitness Online Program

$ 175.00

3 full months of online training including:

-Workouts and/or recovery instructions for all 90 days

-Training calendar

-Exclusive movement demonstration videos

-Nutritional guideline eBook

-Build your own meal templates

-Recipe eBook

-Access to private Facebook Group for all your questions and to help you stay motivated! 

Order today to help you navigate through 3 months of holidays & temptations. Stay on track with nutrition & training for 90 days + a Badass community of support unlike any other! 




1. What level of fitness is this program intended for?

A: This program is intended for ALL levels of fitness from the eager beginner to the well-rounded, elite athletes. The program can be scaled up or down for your difficulty level!

2. Will there seriously be a workout for each & every single day? 

A: YES! For each day along your 90 day journey, you will be provided a unique workout & or recovery instructions.

3. Is equipment needed?

A: We recommend a pair of dumbbells and/or kettlebells,  a medicine ball & a rower and/or bike machine. However, these are not mandatory components to complete the program. Substitutions will be provided if these items are not available to you - don't worry, we'll get creative! 

4. Can I make the Nutritional aspect of this program work for my family/friends/unique lifestyle?

A: 100% YES, you can! This program is designed to teach you how to build meals and create weekly meal plans that fit your individual lifestyle. 

5. I am a member of #TeamChristmas on the Oxygen Challenge, is this program similar?

A: Yes, this program is extremely similar and follows the same guidelines for workout style & types. I created this program in order to act as a "phase 2" for my Oxygen participants and kick up the intensity a notch! 

6. Does this program's nutrition follow the Badass Body Diet?

A: Yes, the program coordinates with the BABD book, though I have simplified it to a T! 

7. I currently workout ____times a week - is this program something I can use to supplement my training?

A: You can absolutely use the workouts on this program to supplement your current training regimen. As mentioned, the workouts can be scaled - meaning that you can reduce the intensity for days that you use the workout as accessory work & not your primary workout for the day. 

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