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Home Edition 30 Day Challenge

Home Edition 30 Day Challenge

$ 99.00

Tone and tighten your body, abs and ass with this 30 day Badass Body Challenge.  The program includes 3 major workouts and an endurance workout, plus 2 active recovery days PER WEEK!  This full body program is designed to accommodate your schedule while pushing you to achieve the body you love utilizing just your body! 

Wondering which edition is right for you?!

The HOME Edition uses body weight moves ONLY to torch fat & sculpt muscles simultaneously! If you enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home, outside in the sunshine, or perhaps at your neighborhood complex - the Home edition is right for you!

The GYM Edition uses a pull-up bar, rings, and a pair of light weights for those who have access to it! If you enjoy working out at a facility where you are motivated by others, or have access to this equipment - the Gym edition is the way to go!

BOTH editions yield the SAME results. Regardless of the program you choose best suited for your lifestyle, get ready to get your BEST BODY EVER! 

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