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2017 Not Your Everyday Program

2017 Not Your Everyday Program

$ 175.00

Get ready for a brand New Year and a brand New YOU! 

This 90 day program will increase your fitness level, improve your health & generate a greater sense of mental well-being! The NYE program is designed for ALL fitness levels with modifications + options to up the intensity. NYE is designed with SIMPLICITY in mind to create a lifestyle change - no yo-yo dieting & no negativity! With 3 months of workouts, meal plans, movement demonstrations, and weekly videos from yours truly - I guarantee you will change your life & discover your inner badass! 

What's Included:

-90 days of training - a workout or guided recovery for every single day!

-Training Calendar 

-Warm-up & stretching routines

-Nutritional blueprint + educational video series 

-Meal building guide + TONS of new recipes

-Example weekly meal plans 

-Video demonstrations of workout movements

-Weekly LIVE video 

-KILLER exclusive discounts & giveaways!!! 

-Online community support

-Private Facebook Group for all participants

Receive your downloads on JANUARY 1st! 


Q. What Equipment is needed?

A. You will need very minimal equipment to complete this program. Here's what we recommend: a place to run OR treadmill (Optional access to 1 of the 3 : stationary bike, road bike, or rower) a Medicine ball, slam ball, any weighted ball (a basketball or something of the sort will work just fine!), a jump rope, and 1 set of dumbbells or kettlebells. 

Q. What level of fitness is this program intended for?

A: This program is intended for ALL levels of fitness from the eager beginner to the well-rounded, elite athletes. The program can be scaled up or down for your difficulty level!

Q. Will there seriously be a workout for each & every single day? 

A: YES! For each day along your 90 day journey, you will be provided a unique workout & or recovery instructions.


Q. Can I make the Nutritional aspect of this program work for my family/friends/unique lifestyle?

A: 100% YES, you can! This program is designed to teach you how to build meals and create weekly meal plans that fit your individual lifestyle. 


Q. Does this program's nutrition follow the Badass Body Diet?

A: Yes, the program coordinates with the BABD book, though I have simplified it to a T! 

Q. I currently workout ____times a week - is this program something I can use to supplement my training?

A: You can absolutely use the workouts on this program to supplement your current training regimen. As mentioned, the workouts can be scaled - meaning that you can reduce the intensity for days that you use the workout as accessory work & not your primary workout for the day. 

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